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Vegan Nougat BIO Cream - 330g

Crispy and fresh nut cream in BIO quality with real chocolate is completely vegan. Free of palm oil and artificial preservatives. Made in Slovakia.

Nougat cream meets the highest quality criteria and its goal is not only exceptional taste, but also high nutritional value.

We strive to do our utmost to develop products that combine the power of pure taste and functionality for extra energy and above-average physical and mental performance. We believe that quality food changes thinking, and therefore all our products have a high nutritional value.

Features of our nougat cream:

  • 100% BIO hazelnuts of top quality from suppliers from Italy. 
  • 100% free of palm oil, emulsifiers and artificial preservatives.
  • 100% natural composition without refined sugar.
  • Detailed laboratory tests for the control of ochratoxins, aflatoxins and oxidation of nuts.

Product description: Hazelnut cream with real chocolate.

Additional info: Chopped hazelnuts prepared in a cream with the addition of cocoa powder, cocoa mass and cane sugar.

Weight: 200 g

Composition: BIO hazelnuts 60%, cane sugar 20%, cocoa mass 10%, cocoa powder 10%.

Allergens: And (nuts), cocoa