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MALINNA Elixir Vanilla 250ml

A liquid food supplement rich on A, B1, B2, D, E vitamins, beta-carotene, fatty acids, polyphenols and minerals (Ca, Mg, K, Se, etc.) in a form which enables a 100% usage by the body. Produced by fragmentation of the oils rich on vitamins, minerals and other varied nutrients. Oxidation reduction potential (ORP): -200 mV.

MALINNA° Elixir Vanilla (ORP -200 mV) is a liquid food supplement, which replenishes essential nutrients needed for the renewal of cells & tissues and organ & system functions. The unique processing methodology makes the oils soluble in water. It is rich on A, B1, B2, D and E vitamins, beta-carotene, minerals, polyphenols and amino acids in an ideal form which enables a 100% utilisation in the body. Whereas MALINNA° Elixir Mint cleanses and detoxifies the body, MALINNA° Elixir Vanilla supplies vital nutrients. It has been designed not to burden digestive tract as its absorption starts in the oral mucosa. The singular oil processing methodology makes it safe for the people suffering from nut allergy. The unrivalled processing formula of the oils releases their antioxidant potential. It positively impacts the quality of cells, their correct division and regeneration.  The oils also have a favourable effect on digestive tract microbiome and are known for their antiphlogistic effectsMALINNA° Elixir Vanilla is a basic product of the MALINNA° product line.

MALINNA° Elixir Vanilla is a liquid food supplement suitable for long-term consumption.  May be used continually. Recommended daily dosage: Adults, pregnant and breastfeeding women: 4 ml of the elixir (a little coffee spoon) 2x daily. Children up to 3 years of age 2 ml of the product 2x daily. Usage: Dilute one dose in soft chlorine-free water. Drink between meals, half an hour before meal at latest and one hour after meal at earliest. Once diluted, drink immediately. When exposed to a higher physical or mental strain, increase the dosage to 4x daily. Warning: Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.  The product shall not replace varied diet. Suitable also for those who suffer from nut and seed allergies.