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10 Organic Skincare Tips

10 Organic Skincare Tips

Understanding what is required to attain healthy skin might seem daunting - with the plethora of skincare products advertised on the daily and with so much skincare-related advice being thrown around on social media, it’s hard to know what truly works and what does not. However, there are some basic principles that are easily incorporated into your daily lifestyle and make an enormous difference.

We collected some top tips and compiled a list for you here:

Wear organic sunscreen

Daily UV exposure can be the cause of premature skin ageing and pose risks for cancer. In order to avoid this potential issue, opt for a natural sunscreen and learn to apply it every day, even on days that do not seem sunny enough!

Exfoliate a few times a week

Exfoliate your face and clean away dead skin cells with an exfoliant that will not dry up your skin but make it look all the more radiant. The Skin&Tonic Gentle Scrub is recommended for any skin type - it doubles as a detoxifying mask and leaves the skin polished and clear. Simply pour a teaspoon into the palm of your hand and add a couple drops of water to it, then gently massage it onto damp skin and remove it with an organic cotton cloth.

Find the best cleanser for you

Look for an organic cleanser that calms and moisturises your skin, but will not cause any inflammations brought about by harsh chemicals. We love the Skin&Tonic Calm Clean particularly, as it moisturises your skin while reducing any redness or irritation. This nourishing cleanser is suitable for both dry and sensitive skin and is made with antioxidant-rich carrot root, healing jasmine and anti-inflammatory blue chamomile.

Create your own home-made mask

Creating your own mask is not only a great way to pamper yourself, but it is also guarantees that healthy, organic ingredients are used when you are the one to choose them! Here are three of our favourites:

For rejuvenated skin:
Milk Mask - Mix 1/4 of a cup of powdered milk with water to create a thick paste and then apply it all over your face. Let it dry entirely before rinsing it off with warm water.

For soft skin:
Banana Mask - Mash a ripe banana to create a smooth paste, and then apply it to your face and neck. Leave it on for around 15 minutes, and then use cold water to remove it. You can also add 1/4 of a cup of plain yogurt and 2 tablespoons of honey to manage acne.

For clean skin and tight pores:
Mix a teaspoon of plain yogurt and squeeze out juice from 1/4 slice of an orange, some of the orange pulp, and 1 teaspoon aloe. Rinse off the mask after 5-10 minutes.

Refrain from touching your face

This one tip was one we all heard in our early scholastic days, but despite its popularity, it still often is forgotten. Touching your face can lead to more wrinkles, breakouts and illnesses through the spread of bacteria.

Be mindful of masks

In an effort to fight COVID-19, most of us have needed to abide by restrictions enforcing the use of face masks. As NYC-based dermatologist Joshua Zeichner explains, "protecting your face with a mask creates a moist, hot environment for your skin, as your breathing is being trapped. This can lead to a build up of sweat and oil on the skin under the mask, which can lead to inflammation, rashes, and even acne breakouts."

In order to fight this unpleasant side effect, remember to wash your face before and after wearing a mask and opt for a comfortable cotton face cover that is gentle on your skin. Try out our Face Mask, made with 100% cotton and adjustable ear loops, to minimise discomfort.


Remember to drink around eight glasses of water a day to healthily hydrate your skin, and apply products that help with hydration. Our Skin&Tonic Rose Mist is a perfect product for this, which contains organic rose water, aloe vera and glycerin.

Eat healthy

Your diet has a powerful effect on your skin. Refrain from eating processed foods to avoid acne, and instead opt for fish which contains omega-3 fatty acids. Replace refined carbs and sugars with optimal carbs including vegetables and fruits with anti-oxidants for less wrinkles.

Clean your makeup brushes

Dirty foundation brushes can cause infection and clog your pores so it is ideal that you wash these once a week, while other brushes can be washed every other week. In order to do so efficiently, simply wet the bristles with lukewarm water and place a little bit of cleanser onto your hand while gently rubbing it into the bristles. Rinse the brush and squeeze out the moisture.

Limit your makeup usage

A full face of makeup can block your pores and lead to acne breakouts and irritation - one of the healthiest things you can do for your skin is embrace the natural look more often!

Never wear makeup to bed

For the same reason, keeping makeup on overnight can cause breakouts and should be avoided at all costs. It also contributes to premature ageing, eye irritations and dirties you bedding over time, which results in greasy hair and skin.

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